Hi, my name is Daniel.
I design and develop websites and applications
while maintaining high usability for easy access.

I design and create brands.

I create easily manageable websites.

The Art of Installing Windows 8

I have a long ‘relationship’ to PCs, starting to play on my dads DOS machine while I was 5 years old to getting my first PC with 133Mhz and 64Mbyte RAM to eventually having all the digital stuff I have today, I kinda experienced quite a lot of technical changes.

While Windows grew up to be more stable and better, linux became a bit more userfriendly (a bit.) and OSX is slowly starting to get grip in austria. Though working on my Macbook was and is hell lot of fun to me, I wanted to have a gaming PC again. Just fort the little nerd in me. I built my machine in January 2013 out of pretty awesome hardware:

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